10 Black Web Series You Should Be Watching


Since its inception, social media has been a place for content creators to launch new projects, and Black millennials have taken advantage of that platform by launching albums, feature films, documentaries and original web series and shorts.  From issues that range from “how to get along with your White co-workers” to “surviving your 20’s alone and unwed,” young Black creatives are producing some of the best content on the web. Check out a handful of our favorites after the jump.



The city has been evacuated and the army is shooting civilians. They know they have to leave, but will they? If you’re as big of a fan of The Walking Dead as we are, you won’t want to miss a second of the newest post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi web-series, Survivor. With high production value and short scenes dripping with suspense, this web series, both written and directed by Reagan Gomez-Preston, will have you at the edge of your seat eagerly awaiting the next episode.


Black Actress

With the former child actors Tatyana Ali and Essence Atkins as producers, Black Actress is nothing short of a success. Shot as a mock-documentary that follows actress Kori Bailey as she tries to land her next big acting role and make a name for herself in Hollywood, the each episode delivers tons of laughs and real-life interviews with famous Black actresses as they discuss what it’s really like to be successful in an industry that rarely makes room for Black women.


Almost 30

Who says 30 isn’t the new 20? For this group of late 20-somethings, it’s shaping up to be more like the new mid-life crisis. The first season, which was named 2013’s “Best Black Web Series Right Now” by Complex Magazine, focuses on the hi-jinks of Justin (Michael Moss) and his group of friends as his marriage proposal to his long-time girlfriend goes terribly wrong. Directed by Matthew Cherry, Almost 30 promises to fill the void all your favorite shows left behind this summer.


All My Friends Are Married

Between engagement photo-ops, wedding pics and baby announcements, it’s easy to look at your timeline and wonder: when did all my friends become adults? From creator and executive producer, Mercedes Brazier-Thurman, in collaboration with The Black TV and Film Collective,  All My Friends Are Married promises to deliver moments of hilarity, irony, tenderness and joy as the show’s characters navigate through love and loss in their mid-twenties.


The Unwritten Rules

“A Black Co-Worker always knows when they are being set-up” is Rule #1 in The Black Co-Worker’s Rule Book. And if this sounds like a book you’d like to add to your personal library, or maybe leave a copy (or two!) on the office coffee table for your fellow brethren, then you’ll love Kim Williams’ newest web-series The Unwritten Rules. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll raise your fist in solidarity just don’t blame us when your white co-workers stop making eye contact with you in the hallway.


An African City

Created by Nicole Amarteifio, An African City is being called the African “Sex & The City” as it follows a young, bold Black millennial woman as she returns back to Africa to explore, live and fall in love with an unfamiliar continent she used to call home. If you’re looking for a show that focuses on friendship, love and African culture, be sure not to miss an episode of  An African City.


Brett and the City

Brett and the City delivers several laugh out loud moments as the main character Brett suffers through the ups and downs of trying to make it in the big city while under the constant threat of losing his job as a copy machine salesman. In the first episode we meet Brett as he finds himself in a rather compromising position with the woman of his dreams. Directed and produced by Darren Mallett and Ben Logan, Brett and the City which recently debuted their newest season, is currently a must-see summer hit.


The City Hates Us

We’ve all been there. The rent is past due. You’re roommate’s boyfriend practically moved in three weeks ago and the plug is late. It’s not a stretch from there to feel like the whole world is against you at times. In this brand new web series, The City Hates Us, Chicago filmmaker Sandrel “Sanicole” Young wants you to know you’re not alone. Set in and around the south side of Chicago, the series follows a group of Black millennials as they chase their dreams, face their biggest challenges and navigate the ups and downs of life.


First Dates

In pursuit of love, sex and happiness, First Dates tells the tale of a stoic business woman who finds herself out of sorts when she’s dropped into the erratic confines of online dating. With moments that will make you laugh, cry and shout in frustration, this modern-day Black-female-lead web drama is one series you’ll binge-watch all the way to the end. Created and produced by husband and wife duo, Uzo Ometu and Talibah Newman-Ometu, First Dates promises not to skip on all the drama of dating in New York City.


Pursuit of Sexiness

If 30 Rock and Broad City had a love child, it would look something like Pursuit of Sexiness. In this cute and quirky web series, Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer play two broke, single best friends trying to get by in LA. With lots of improv and sketch comedy, this short series will keep you falling out of your chair, dying of laughter.


We want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite Black web series?

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