Artist Series: Quicker Than a Ray of Light

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every month, we ask members of the collective to contribute to the BTFC Artist Series by providing original content and sharing their personal journeys with our readers. From missteps to triumphs, and everything else in between, we follow the stories of resident Black Artists working to make a name for themselves in the television and film industry.


So I was out of town.

I flew first class my first time ever. I decided to leave my laptop at home. Why write on the plane? I wanna enjoy the legroom and complimentary breakfast. Figured I’d come back rejuvenated and ready to write and the words would just flow from my brain to my fingers.

But guess what? It’s never  that easy. Yeah I’ve had some easy days — and they’ve been productive — but they’ve also been rare.

So I’m stuck.

I don’t like to outline ahead of time because it always changes. And besides, I don’t feel productive just outlining and not writing. My fingers get that itch. But here’s what I did to get ‘unstuck’: I paced around the bookstore. Went downstairs and walked the book aisle. And that’s when something clicked!

All the different books and stories: from best sellers,  teen books and self-help books. Right then I knew what I needed to do in order to get through this script and get through it in a fashion that I’m proud of. See, what all these books have in common are GOALS. And it hit me, like a ray of light (Madonna’s voice) GIVE EVERY CHARACTER IN YOUR SCRIPT A GOAL!

If only my main character has a goal and obstacles, it can get…ummmm, what’s the word…? Redundant. I thought about my previous work, and what keeps the story going, the characters (supporting) that have had real, tangible goals. When everyone’s trying to get their way, there’s bound to be conflict.

And what a story conflict makes!

Robert McBride






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Hailing from New Jersey, Robert McBride began writing from the age of seven, where he was selected into a creative writing program during his formative years in school. Since completing his first screenplay, A Common Life, at the age of twelve, Robert has written and sold several scripts and is currently running the screenplay coverage service, The Shooting Script.


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