IndieFilmSchool: Great Directors Stay Out of The Way

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text font_size=”16″]Great directors know how to keep their muddy footprints off the film and maintain their focus on the writing and performances. When people watch a well-directed film they often walk out saying: “wow, the actors were amazing”. And according to Ela Thier, Founder of The Indie Film School, they’re not wrong, but they don’t usually understand that a great director was behind it to make it possible and to capture it. Ela breaks it down in her latest post that offers some great tips for simple shot planning. In fact, she calls it the K-I-S-S method. Even if you get the idea, the question is how…

“Great directors know how to draw out the best in people and showcase everyone else but themselves. The work of a great director is invisible…”

Take a peak at the entire article, here and be sure to check out the Black TV & Film Collective’s Hands On: Directing Summer Intensive. We’re grateful for everything we learned at the IFS, Colombia College, NYU and through lots of experience. Happy to pass on the knowledge to our members!





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