Robert Harris

Meet BTFC Member: Robert Harris

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Introducing one of the Black TV & Film Collective’s newest members, Robert Harris.

Black TV Film Collective Robert HarrisHow long have you been a member of the Black TV & Film Collective?

Brand new practically.

What made you join?

I was interested in joining a larger film community in New York. Filmmaking is ultimately about collaboration. The idea of having people to bounce ideas with, help produce projects and network is extremely appealing.

How did your journey lead you to filmmaking?

I’ve been interested in films or more accurately the moving image since I was a teenager. In college I majored in Philosophy and directed plays in the Theater department. What fascinates me is how the interplay between people can reveal hidden or ignored truths about human nature.

What are your goals as a filmmaker?

My current goal is to finish a script I’m working on. Big goal is to produce a historical movie(s) or a series about African-Americans that make up the tapestry of America, but are seldom discussed (e.g. W.E.B. Dubois, Madame CJ Walker, Octavius Catto, Daniel Hale Williams, etc).

Tell us about any current projects or ones in development.

robert harris series bdrmI worked on a Project called bdrm (bedroom). It was about the little vignettes of life set in New York City. Ultimately we managed to shoot four episodes. We were a little too ambitious. I’m brainstorming my next project.

Why are you so passionate about storytelling?

Film has the ability to illuminate aspects of life unlike any other medium. In age of short attention spans, films can serve as a catalyst for larger discussions.

Who are the biggest supporters in your life?

I have many supporters in my life from teachers to friends,  and my best of all my mother. I  also consider people I admire to be supporters as well. The more, the merrier!

What’s the next step in your journey and how can we help?

It would be great to get feedback on a script. I would love to help anyone else with his or her project as well. I have experience in research, producing, and editing.




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