#MondayMotivation: Inspiring Black Filmmakers

Halloween is tomorrow, so you know what that means—scary movies and sticky sweets! While you’re finding something to watch to send that chill down your spine, check out this new tale that gives you food for your mind.

Imagine: Black vampires, walking among us—protected by their melanin. This story is one that’s formed into an upcoming short film called Suicide by Sunlight, a modern take on daywalkers with contemporary thrills. Unlike other Black vampires, the main character Valentina is shielded from the sun by her brown skin as she finds it difficult to suppress her bloodlust when trying to fit in as a normal girl in the city. For POC who love original monsters, we are excited to see what this will become! Co-created by Nikyatu Jusu and R. Shanea Williams, the flick won a grant award from Tribeca’s Through Her Lens program to continue their work. Collaborating with Queen of Katwe’s Mira Nair and award-winning actress Rachel Weisz, the women behind the film are excited to take on the complexity of this plot as it combines a sense of newness to horror.

“We are excited to explore the intersectionality of social issues and genre through the lens of black vampires daywalking in NYC,” says Jusu upon winning the sponsorship from Tribeca.

R. SheneaWilliams holding Nikyatu Jusu


We at BTFC love seeing mythical fandom incorporating our people in mainstream genres of fiction. We cheer on and applaud Jusu and Williams for taking daring steps and therefore winning a production award. It’s not every day that we receive miraculous opportunities such as winning a contest and receiving filmmaking support from notable celebrities and corporations. With perseverance, faith and sleepless nights, we make the best of our creativity with the belief that our work will be complete, loved and remembered. No matter where we end up with our projects, we must continue to celebrate and uplift each other so that our circle of support only becomes bigger and stronger. Show your support for these sisters by checking out the Suicide by Sunlight teaser on Vimeo and following what comes next.

Happy Halloween!


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About the Author: Jade Mapp is a California Girl who has a strong passion for literature and composition. Her works in creative writing, poetry and editing are strengthened the more she connects to other like-minded people who are dedicated to uplift each other through art and storytelling.  She is currently interning at the Black TV & Film Collective.


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