#MondayMotivation: Inspiring Black Filmmakers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With all the booming of superhero flicks out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of black figures that are surfacing to the screen. In light of bringing attention to superheroes of color, we as the viewers do more than just cheer on the triumphs of these characters; we analyze their presence in our seemingly hostile society. Controversy over racial tensions has plagued America constantly, so it’s even more sensitive to some that fictional black heroes create a conversation that points to their lack of representation. Nevertheless, we at the BTFC are prepared to hype up these stories as characters and filmmakers alike continue to fight the power. Below are just a few works that we encourage you to check out.

 Raising Dion:

Backed by the powerhouse of Netflix, this original series is a sci-fi drama about a single mother raising her young son who has supernatural abilities while grieving the death of her husband. Directed by Dennis Liu, Raising Dion was inspired by its comic that developed first and soon became a hit sensation. Starring Michael B. Jordan, the show will premiere on Netflix this coming 2018.




Black Panther:

Without overstating the obvious, this is one of the most anticipated films we’re all ready to see. With Marvel being the leading entity of superhero films, Black Panther makes its debut under its studio with an all Black cast. The story also traces back to the legendary comic while displaying a futuristic feel to the film’s aesthetic. Also starring Michael B. Jordan, along with Forrest Whitaker, Angela Basset and  Lupita Nyong’o, the film will hit theaters on February 16, 2018. You don’t wanna miss it!




If you’ve been rockin with the BTFC for a while, this award-winning web series needs no introduction. Keloid is about a Black teenager who is coming to learn his inherited gifts while searching for his father in New York City. Little does he know though, his search will allow him to discover more about his kind. Created, written and directed by our very own founder, Huriyyah Muhammad, this show is another amazing example of why representation is so important. Catch episodes of season 1 on YouTube, and find out how you can support the making of season 2  by following the Keloid fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



A Hulu original creation, Runaways is a show that follows the unity of extraordinary teens who have all been separated by forces that have hidden their powers. The main character Alex, played by Rhenzy Feliz, leads the league with his ultra intelligence as they face their worst enemies they never saw coming….their parents! Also under Marvel, Runaways is inspired by its comic while season of the series 1 is now streaming on Hulu.




While these stories possess different artistic influences, they have particular themes that are essential to the Black community. It gives us a chance to see the power in our own abilities or atleast think of ways to accept the ones of others. We need to continue to see, create and support shows like these because it sends a strong message that we’re different on purpose. Our magic has been kept secret for a reason. But now we stand together as we continue to tweet about the trailers and binge watch the episodes. We cry out that we want more and that Black Heroes’ Lives Matter! So get out there and redefine the Black supernatural. Never be afraid to push the limit so that our youth and following generations live in a world where more heroes look just like us.


About Us:
The Black TV & Film Collective a 501c3 organization that operates as a NYC film collective. In our work, we support all artists of color including but not limited to black filmmakers. We are a collaborative platform that represents diversity in film and supports inclusion in Hollywood and TV. Our professional network of New York City filmmakers gives knowledge to those who want to learn how to produce film, how to make a web series, how to budget film projects and more. We host NYC film workshops that welcome a variety of experience levels from first time filmmakers who are either students in film school or to notables within the television and film industry. See how you can make a difference in the world of cinema by becoming a member of our NYC film collective.


About the Author: Jade Mapp is a California Girl who has a strong passion for literature and composition. Her works in creative writing, poetry and editing are strengthened the more she connects to other like-minded people who are dedicated to uplift each other through art and storytelling.  She is currently interning at the Black TV & Film Collective.


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