#MondayMotivation: Inspiring Black Filmmakers

This weekend Atlanta celebrated the 2nd annual Black Power Awards, a three day ceremony that honors the awesomeness of Black entrepreneurs, creative souls, business links and career advocates in our communities and abroad. Hosted by David Banner, the award show sheds light on the positive contributions made by our people with a mission to help others through academia, medicine, media and more. Under the film category this year were three nominees for Best Documentary Film.

The following nominated works were:

Black Beach, White Beach 

Directed by Ricky Kelly, this documentary addresses the discriminatory acts against Black biker clubs that take part in annual motorcycle festivals, and shares opposing viewpoints on motorcycle culture and racial tensions that constantly occur in the south. Snippets of the documentary can be watched on YouTube.


Black Friday, the Remix

Starring Les Brown, Judge Lauren Lake and David Banner, this film is a sequel to the first documentary that explores Black prosperity and heritage on a global scale. Watch as cameras follow people of color as they discover their net worth and identity by making steps to create their living legacy. Directed by Ric Mathis, a sneak peek can be found on their website.


The Renaissance Man

This is the story of an aspiring professional stand-up comic and his everyday struggles over the course of a single year. Watch and relate to the challenges of the main character, Tim, as he tries to find his way to stardom. Directed by Anthony Trueheart, you can see the trailer to The Renaissance Man on imdb.com.


In addition to the above film works, the following Black cartoons were nominated for Best Digital Animation:

Ubongo Kids – Ubongo Media

African Tales, the Movie – Obinna Owuekee, Trans Tales Entertainment

Bino and Fino – Adamu Waziri


To quote Issa Rae’s “rooting for everybody Black” comment, we At BTFC we cheer on all nominees for the domino effect of greatness they’ve created to empower our communities. The fact the we have these awards shows that we come together to celebrate the everyday heroes who are making significant changes for our people. This awards ceremony is more than just a chance to shine, but a platform to give appreciation using our standards  of what recognition means in the Black community. And just like the BTFC, this movement is only growing. Shout-out to Black on Purpose TV and Doggie Diamonds TV for representing other Black-owned film entities within the industry. Remember: it takes the support, encouragement and collaboration of each other to redefine success from perspectives of people of color.

Check out the Black Power Awards  website for announcements of this weekend’s winners and to catch a glimpse of some guest appearances. Who knows? Maybe soon you’ll see some of the BTFC family there–until then, keep on fightin’ the power!


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