Thought Catalog: ‘All My Friends Are Married’ Is The Show About The Single Life We’ve All Been Waiting For

Lauren and her friends are up to their usual hi-jinks in the latest episode of All My Friends Are Married, as Lauren promises to deliver several sure-fire ways to land a man and fall in love. And according to Kovie Biakolo over at Thought Catalogue, All My Friends Are Married is sure to deliver countless laughs while effortlessly capturing the struggle of being single in a city full of almost-married twenty-somethings.



Via Thought Catalog:

“Contemporary culture is no stranger to dissecting the single life. Movies, television series, books, and countless essays all attempt to describe the pains, losses, triumphs, and joys of being single. Sometimes our media and culture gets it right and sometimes we are left wondering if the people who wrote, produced, filmed. etc. these works have actually ever been single…”

Take a peak at the entire article, here and be sure to catch new episodes of All My Friends Are Married each Tues @ 2pm!



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