This web series takes on a new adventure of a whole different meaning behind Black Lives Matter. POPS is a documentary series that examines the stigmas of Black men in America as they try to overcome the challenges of fatherhood in the 21st century. This 11-part series follows the realities of men of color in their own day-to-day while they go about parenting during struggling times. Sponsored by PBS, the web series is backed by the National Black Programming Consortium and created by Garland McLaurin.

In an interview with Wearemovingstories.com, McLaurin opens up about the creative mission that prompted this film work.

“I think when you tell people about the research on how involved Black fathers are in the lives of their children, people are surprised. The myths and narratives around Black dads being deadbeats have penetrated the national consciousness for a long time based off various misrepresentations…Some of the universal themes we explore in the series touch on, “how do you follow your dreams after having a child” misrepresentations, “creating a community where one doesn’t exist,” and “defining parenting in the midst of success”.   The more personal themes revolve around being a new father, life as a dad post-incarceration and same-sex parenting after adoption.”

Garland McLaurin

POPS is such an essential story because it creates a bigger a dialogue in the Black community about the insecurities, commitments, and unknown stengths of our men. The media pushes society to accept negative images of our men as deadbeat dads and cast-away thugs. This documentary uncovers some of those stereotypes and assumptions by having each father explore universal themes of accountability, nurturing, love and sacrifice.

Here at the BTFC, we strive to shed light on films that highlight the creative powers of our people. It is a rare joy to find non-fictional stories that express the painful dynamics in our community on a mainstream platform. Watch as the men on POPS learn about embracing their journeys as leaders and providers.  For streaming of episodes, you can check out the Pops.life page or read more about the series at pbs.org.




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