What We’re Loving: Keloid

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text font_size=”16″]What we’re loving this week hits close to home with the new original series – Keloid. If you’ve volunteered time in the Black TV & Film Collective office, you’ve seen the goals board. Front and center is the establishment of an online platform that showcases work officially produced, distributed or licensed by the Collective.  Over a dozen collective members brought their artistry and professionalism to this series. Goals – Plans – Execution…what’s not to love about it!

Also tugging at our heart strings are a host of of opportunities designed especially for creative content makers and entertainers of diverse backgrounds. FX’s new dramedy Atlanta also rounds out what we’re loving this week.


1. ‘Keloid’ – A New Original Series from the Black TV & Film Collective

Keloid: Original Series Trailer from The Black TV & Film Collective.

Taking the popular idea of black being magic up a notch, Keloid, a supernatural coming of age story, follows a teenage boy with special abilities. Throughout season one, Keloid’s conscious and desire to do what’s right is pitted against his loyalty to family.

The official synopsis…

A supernatural drama about the evolving relationship between a mother and her teenage son. The story revolves around know-it all teenager ‘Keloid’, born with super abilities he neither wants nor is able to control. Season one focuses on Keloid desperately attempting to break free from his mother Marielle’s strong-willed,overprotective nature. Together they must find a way to survive his puberty, while maintaining secrets that keep them safe and hiding from mistakes in their past that haunt them.

Drama, drama, drama with some special effects because yes we can.

2. Project Involve


Film Independent has chosen thirty filmmaker fellows for it’s tuition-free, nine-month diversity mentorship program, Project Involve. The program is designed to support the careers of burgeoning writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and entertainment executives of diverse backgrounds.

3. Casting Diversity


CBS launches new Drama Diversity Casting Initiative. 14 – 16 actors will be chosen to travel to LA for a screen test that will be used to cast for roles on current series, during pilot season and more opportunities.

The initiative is primarily focused on finding trained acting talent from underrepresented groups — African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ actors and performers with disabilities — who live in areas with limited access to television executives and casting directors.

Between today, Oct. 13, and Oct. 28, actors 18 and older can submit a self-taped monologue here.


4. SXSW Call for Submissions


SXSW Film, one third of the film, music and media festival and conference conglomerate is calling for submissions of short form content 40 minutes and under. Submissions may be web series episodes or content that fits the eligibility requirements of SXSW’s Experiential Storytelling Convergence Track which spotlights cross-platform and web-based projects. Submission deadline is October 20th. Don’t miss the opportunity!

5. ‘Atlanta’

ATLANTA — “B.A.N.” — Episode 7 (Airs Tuesday, October 11, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred Miles. CR: Guy D’Alema/FX

Atlanta depicts the struggles of a young black man to provide for his family and himself, all the while exploiting his modestly talented drug-dealing aspiring rapper cousin. It is a smart, relatable dramedy that speaks to a generation of young black men and women who find it difficult to define their success by profitable and self-respecting means. Not too mention, it’s killing it in terms of creativity. This week’s episode was a complete episode of a fake episode of talk show on a fake network complete with fake commercials during the commercial breaks. I know it sounds confusing, but it was incredibly well done. Check it out.




The Black TV & Film Collective a 501c3 organization that operates as a NYC film collective. In our work, we support all artists of color including but not limited to black filmmakers. We are a collaborative platform that represents diversity in film and supports inclusion in Hollywood and TV. Our professional network of New York City filmmakers gives knowledge to those who want to learn how to produce film, how to make a web series, how to budget film projects and more. We host NYC film workshops that welcome a variety of experience levels from first time filmmakers who are either students in film school or to notables within the television and film industry. See how you can make a difference in the world of cinema by becoming a member of our NYC film collective.


April Guscott is a Brooklyn native and creative writer who has a love of storytelling across all mediums. April has written short stories, poetry, essays and now turns her attention to screenwriting and blogging. April is an active member of the Black TV & Film Collective.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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