What We’re Loving: Moonlight

What we’re loving this week is ‘Moonlight’ and all the success it’s seeing as the breakout independent film this season. Of course there’s more to love like the renewal of an underrated but stellar SyFy series, as well as a writing submission opportunity. And more! Check it out.


1. Moonlight Shines Bright




Moonlightdirected by Barry Jenkins, is a series of snapshots of a young man’s journey to self-discovery. In Moonlight, Jenkins opens viewers up to the difficulties of exploring your manhood and sexuality while growing up in a tough Miami neighborhood. Jenkins’ sophomore movie has become wildly popular in theaters. The film has also racked up a slew of awards. Among them, the recent Gotham award for Best Screenplay. If history is any predictor of the future, the Gotham award may be followed by for an Oscar (or two).



2. Variety’s 2016 Directors to Watch



Director Barry Jenkins is riding a great wave with the success of his second feature film Moonlight. Jenkins’ delicate and complex portrayal of a young gay man turned gangster for survival, has earned him a spot on Variety’s Annual 10 Directors to Watch List for 2016. Variety’s 10 to Watch List, meant to highlight the works of up and coming artists, include emerging actors, writers, directors and more. Past directors who have made the list include Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson and Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu.

3. ‘Z Nation’ Renewed for 4th Season


Z Nation, the SyFy science fiction series, has been renewed for a fourth season. The strong, black female lead fighting zombie domination almost singlehandedly, no doubt calls viewers back for more. Kellita Smith best known for her role as Wanda on the Bernie Mac Show, plays Lieutentant Roberta Warren. Smith’s character leads a group of apocalypse survivors on a journey. Their mission? Deliver the only man known to survive several zombie bites to the CDC, for possible zombie virus vaccine.



4.  Aspiring TV Writers Welcome




IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project) has a submission opportunity for aspiring TV writers. Submissions for teleplays for and about women are being accepted now until December 16th. This competition comes in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity.



5. Lance Reddick


Lance Reddick, best known for his role on The Wire as Lieutenant Cedric Daniels, will co-star in the sci-fi thriller The Domestics. Reddick’s character aides a couple as they attempt to maneuver the post apocalypse to get home, but he has his own agenda of course. Co-stars include Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin. The Domestics is currently in pre-production in New Orleans.

That rounds out what we’re loving this week! See you next week.




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